Recycling Cans

What Goes In The... Blue Can


Material EMADCO Redrock
Newspapers Yes Yes
Magazines Yes Yes
Catalogs Yes Yes
Phone books Yes Yes
Cardboard Yes Yes (flattened)
Milk cartons Yes No
Drink boxes Yes No
Scrap paper Yes Yes
Shredded paper Yes Yes
Egg Cartons Yes Yes
Clean pizza boxes Yes Yes


Material EMADCO Redrock
Milk, juice, and cooking oil jugs Yes Yes
Soda and water bottles Yes Yes
Plastic cups Yes Yes
Plastic Bags Yes No
Household cleaning containers Yes Yes
Shampoo, lotion, and soap bottles Yes Yes
Margarine and ice cream tubs Yes Yes
Yogurt cups & frozen food containers Yes Yes
Toys (batteries removed) Yes Yes
Clean plastic flower pots Yes Yes


Material EMADCO Redrock
Soda & juice aluminum cans Yes Yes
Clean tin/steel food cans Yes Yes
Aluminum foil, pie pans & trays Yes Yes
Metal jar lids in flattened cans Yes Yes
Copper, brass & aluminum Yes Yes (less than 2x2x2)
Empty aerosol cans Yes Yes
Newly emptied, clean latex paint cans Yes No
Cleaned out latex paint cans Yes No


Material EMADCO Redrock
Glass jars and bottles Yes Yes

What Cannot Go In The Blue Can?

Hazardous materials, soiled paper products, batteries, waxed cardboard, styrofoam, tires, rubber hoses, PVC pipe, needles and syringes, and food waste do NOT belong in the blue bin.

What Goes In The... Black Can

Kitchen Items

Material EMADCO Redrock
Cooked food Yes Yes
Uncooked food Yes Yes
Styrofoam Containers Yes Yes
Used Paper Towels Yes Yes
Waxed Cardboard Yes Yes

Household Items

Material EMADCO Redrock
Animal Waste Yes Yes
Clothing and Shoes Yes Yes
Diapers Yes Yes
Batteries No No
CDs, DVDs, VHS Tapes and Cases Yes Yes

Office Items

Material EMADCO Redrock
Tape Yes Yes
Dirty/Soiled Paper Yes Yes
Diapers Yes Yes
Ribbons No No
Foil Wrapping Paper Yes Yes

What Goes In The... Green Can

Material EMADCO Redrock
Leaves No Green Recycle Yes
Grass No Green Recycle Yes
Weeds No Green Recycle Yes
Trees No Green Recycle Yes
Untreated Wood No Green Recycle Yes
Flowers No Green Recycle Yes
Twigs No Green Recycle Yes
Christmas trees (not flocked) No Green Recycle Yes
Paper bags No Green Recycle No
Plastic bags No Green Recycle No
Treated wood No Green Recycle No
Pet Waste No Green Recycle No
Dirt No Green Recycle No
Rocks No Green Recycle No

Note: ALL must be 4 inch diameter and 3 feet long or less!