CRV Program

What is CRV?

CRV (California Redemption Value) is a cash fee that consumers pay for each beverage container made from Aluminum, Plastic, or Glass.

Enacted in 1987, this program collects 5 cents for containers less than 24 ounces and 10 cents for containers over 24 ounces. This money is used to encourage recycling of beverage containers and is administered by the California Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery. Consumers can return their empty bottles and cans to certified recycling centers. Today, over 80% of all beverage containers bought in California are recycled and CRV is returned to California residents that recycle! More than 300 billion beverage containers have been recycled since the creation of the CRV program.

Containers with California CRV notice

Can I receive my full CRV back?

Quantities of Aluminum, Glass, and Plastic less than 50 containers each (50 Aluminum, 50 Glass, 50 Plastic) can be refunded on a per-item basis.

The refund value is the same as the CRV collected on each container when you purchase a beverage. If you have more than 50 of each container, the refund is determined by the weight of the empty containers.

What do I look for to see if CRV is collected?

Look for bottles and cans labeled with the terms "CA Cash Refund," "CA CRV," or "CA Redemption Value."

These items are CRV eligible and can be turned in for their refund value. Remember! Just because a container is non-CRV eligible does not mean it is not recyclable.

For a list of recyclable containers, view our Recycle This Not That guide on our About page.

Where are the nearest CRV Redemption centers?

CRV Redemption Centers/Bottle & Can Recycling Centers